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Prevent Car or Home Repossession

Protect your assets and reduce debt payments to an amount you can afford.   


Is your house or vehicle about to be repossessed by a Bank?

Is the Bank in the process of instituting the legal proceedings?

Missed Payments

On the first stage, the credit providers’ collections division will contact the consumer in writing or by phone to query and run after missed repayments.

Attorney's Section 129 Notice

Contact from credit providers’ collections department Credit providers will most likely wait to see if any attempts have been made to pay the arrears before sending a section 129. Failure to make any payment will result in attorneys representing the credit provider to send a section 129 advising the consumer to approach a debt counsellor or the credit provider within 10 business days to arrange. Failure to adhere the notice will result in attorneys writing to the consumer demanding full reimbursement of most missed repayments and or the entire outstanding balance. They'll also tell the consumer that failing to make these repayments and enhance their account could bring about repossession of their house or vehicle.

Proceedings Begin

Credit provider repossession proceedings If after 2 weeks of section 129 notice a consumer continues to be in arrears or fails to heed the instruction, the attorneys will commence proceedings for repossession by seeking the repossession case to be head at the at a court which is local to the consumer. On submitting the case, the matter will typically be given a date for hearing and this date is usually dependent on how busy the court is.

Judgment or Attachment in Execution

If the credit provider’s attorneys proceed to Court and present their case against you, a Judgment (Default Judgment) Order is granted. Thereafter the credit provider has the authority to commence Sale in Execution proceedings against your home (i.e. Auction of your home). Thereafter depending on how long it takes the credit providers’ attorneys to obtain a Sale in Execution date from the Court, the borrower must await a Notice of Sale. The home will then be sold in Execution at a public auction by the sheriff of the court. Usually after your house goes on auction, the consumer has about 6 weeks within which to vacate the house.

✔Consolidate your payments
✔Increase your cash flow
✔Secure your vehicle and property
✔Restore your arrears


Creditors have been giving you a hard time?
Pestering calls from debt collectors?
Struggling to meet your monthly payments?
Car or house about to be Repossessed?



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